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Originally Posted by Jarvis1 View Post
...I am of course most concerned with his condition, especially as we aren't certain why he has this behavior...
After I posted, I saw your new post.

By "behavior", do you mean these
I need to steer the food to him. The collar is a distraction and he is now a bit listless, sleeping a lot
The antibiotics frequently 'turn off' the appetite in cats, sometimes by irritating the stomach and/or upsetting gut flora (sometimes diarrhea also results...a rule of thumb is to give probiotics*** throughout the antibiotic course, usually midway between the antibiotic dosings). Listless...well, I'd say the lesion is bothering him and he can't attempt to relieve it by scratching. Sleeping a lot....well, I can relate to that when I'm feeling crappy! Overall, I don't see any of that as abnormal, given what's going on.

Here's a quote from the guru of probiotics, Sugarcatmom, on using probiotics with antibiotics
Would also be a good idea to start giving her some probiotics. Look for capsules in the refrigerator section of a health food store. Something high potency (in the billions) with several different strains of organisms and containing little to no dairy. I like either Natural Factor's Ultimate Multi, or MegaFood's Mega Flora. You need just a wee pinch, like 1/6th of a capsule twice a day, mixed into wet food.
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