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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Thank you for rescuing this kitty

Personally I would start with a very restrictive diet with a novelty meat. Turkey/chicken/beef can be protein allergens and unless you do an elimination diet, you won't know which, if any, is affecting his allergies.

The one food that I know of is Nature's Variety Instinct, Venison or Rabbit, canned. It doesn't contain any turkey/chicken/beef and is probably a protein your kitty may never been introduced to and is a high quality canned.
Thank-you, Love4himies.

I do lots of rescue work and have kept more than I should! But not complaining. Jarvis is my first setback, which means I've been lucky.

I get different opinions on the Beef, and this can get confusing for me, even as I am pretty experienced with cats, foods, ferals, etc. But I joined here because I liked the forum and want to learn more. Until I began the Merrick Beef (2 weeks ago), Jarvis has only ever had Natural Balance (Chicken & Liver Pate and the Turkey & Giblets). At present, I feed this to all my others.

I am of course most concerned with his condition, especially as we aren't certain why he has this behavior and lesion.
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