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lost: grey cat, queen and roncesvalles ~ Toronto, ON - REWARD!

Our cat went missing from our apartment sometime in the early morning of July 5th before we awoke. We think he might have escaped onto the balcony and fallen off (3rd floor). We are on Triller Ave which is a block west of Queen and Roncesvalles.

Dr. Mouton or "Kitty" is a slim, medium sized 2 year old neutered male cat with short dark grey fur, darker rings on his tail and yellowish-green eyes. He does not have a collar, but he is microchipped. Unfortunately he has a very quiet meow so I don't think that will help with finding him.

I just got him from the Toronto Humane Society on June 28th from what I know of him so far is he is very friendly, even with strangers who visit, but does startle easily from sudden loud sounds. He also gets along with the dog. He was surrendered by his previous owners to the THS, so he's not a stray.

If seen please contact us at

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