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Originally Posted by mastifflover View Post
She is adorable. Please get rid of the flexi lead when you start training. Good luck
I don't think there is anything wrong with a flexi for leash training if it is kept short. I don't have one but it seems to me it would be hard to handle, even shortened, because of the big handle. But the tool itself is not bad, just how it is misused.

ONe of my trainers has a good idea, I think. She says use it shortened, or use a short leash, for leash training especially with a young dog. When you want to give them room to move out more and sniff around, YOU sit down, then let the flexi extend. This to avoid confusing young puppy brains with where they should be in relation to the owner while walking together.

And of course do not allow unsupervised freedom at the extent of the flexi and watch out for potential entanglements. And DO NOT allow dogs to play together while leashed at all, for fear of entanglement and injury. On another board a poster's dog ended up with badly broken leg from running on a long line.
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