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Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
Yes, back on the leash to help guide her to better choices. You could even be more proactive and go to the spot you want her to soil and stand still until it happens then reward her. The softness of her stools prevent her from holding it long enough to choose her old grassy spots.
Endosorb is a wonderful chewable that absorbs the excess moisture in her colon and forms a good stool. You might have to get it from your vet. We get a big jar of 500 for $50 and it lasts forever.
It might be that she is not getting quite enough calcium in the raw diet. The added calcium helps form a stool that looks like a coyote scat - very firm, very white and odorless.
coyote scat is really diffidence looking than dogs poop. We have a coyote around here and the scat is gummy looking and I notice it will wash away in the rain . And it was not white at all , the coyote was marking it territory and left scat everywhere.
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