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Lady's Bad Potty Habbits

Hi Everyone,

I've switched my American Cocker Spaniel to Red Dog Deli's raw food diet. She's on her 2nd month and doing very well. No allergies, no itchies, clean ears and much less eye discharge. For the first month she was on the diet she had some trouble passing stools so I added a healthy tablespoon of pumpkin to each feed and all is going well.

However, while she was struggling with soft stools, she developed the habit of just going anywhere she felt like ... on the sidewalk, on the foot path, just anywhere. Before the raw diet she would at least find a patch of dirt or grass.

Any ideas on how I get her to go back to her old habit of finding a patch of grass or dirt, preferably to the side of the sidewalk or footpath? Oh, and you should know that we live in a very dog friendly town with great access to trails so Lady spends most of her time off leash when we are out.
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