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Question Respitory Infection?

I have a blue heeler dog, apprx 16 months old. He has been kept updated on all of his shots and has been inoculated for kennel cough (two weeks ago) When i took him to the vet for his shots and inoculation, he was displaying no symptoms and everything checked out.

For about the last three or four days i have been noticing heavy discharge from his right eye; worst in the mornings. I have been self treating this with a saline wash that seems to have helped (the discharge has decreased in volume and has gone from a yellowish colour to a clear color.) At no point has his eye seemed to bother him or cause him pain.

Now i am noticing sneezing, some backwards sneezing, and occasionally he gags. His sneezing fits are not violent or long lasting (usually he sneezes 1-3 times) Nor does he seem bothered by it. He really does not seem to be in any pain, or affected by this at all, his appetite is not affected, and his energy levels seem about normal.
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