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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Those are great shots Robyn! Montana looks like he may have been thinking "Nookie Who?" he was enjoying himself so much. I actually think that may have been a really good idea to give him time without. Halo was so bonded to Shadow, she was a wreck if we had to go somewhere solo.

In the coal dust pic where he's looking at you he looks like he's saying "What?? It's just a bit of coal dust mom! Chill out!" Those two sure looked like they were best buds just having a ball. Lucky lady that you got invited out - of course here you wouldn't want to go to the lake yet...
LoL DD, we haven't had the best of weather here either. It's been mostly windy and cool. We have had a few good days, but not many! That pic... that IS the look!! How funny
And I agree, I think it's a good idea to get Montana out on his own once in awhile. I really hate to think this... but I have to be realistic. With Nookies seizures becoming worse, if he happens to go into SE and we can't pull him out of it, Montana would be completely lost. He has to become a little more independant. I pray that never happens to my sweet Nookie, but you just never know, so it's better to be prepared. If it does happen, I won't be getting anymore pets, at least not for a few years, so Montana will have to get used to being the only one.

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
He looks fearless! And he gets great height on those jumps! The Pack is quaking in distaste just thinking about dock diving! heheh

I'm glad the dust all washed off! That would have been a very dirty ride home! I love how Robyn just let him roll while she took pictures of the crime!
LOL Hazel... he was WAY too cute when he was rolling. I just didn't have the heart to stop him
I think he will be a great dock diver!! He gets some serious air on thos jumps
I may look into flyball with him, I think he would do great!

Originally Posted by Dee-O-Gee View Post
They sure look like they had a blast Robyn. It's always so much fun to see pups play together and socialize as it makes us humans feel warm hearted, observing their enjoyment.

Great photos!
Thanks DOG and BarkingDog!! He and Sasha had such a wonderful time. And yes, it does warm our hearts to see them so happy and just enjoying life
Montana really needed it, and so did I. We will be visiting pbpatti and Sasha out there more often! I'm going to take Nookie to see if he will have some fun even though he has to be leashed. I'll get him a really long nylon lead so he can run with the others but not get away lol.
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