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Originally Posted by Digston View Post
I think that we shouldn't automatically jump to the answer NO. After all, all of our canine campanions descended from wild canines.

I do, however, think that wolf hybrids should be treated in the same regard as bully breeds in the sense that they should NOT be owned by weak, inexperienced people. These dogs will need a strong leader to keep them well balanced. I would never recommend this type of dog to anyone except an experienced dog owner.

As the owner of a Wolf Hybrid you take on a huge responsibilty. All primal instincts will be much more predominant, main one in my mind that would be concerning is prey drive. Small animals, small children....

Please do not look at this breed if it will be your first.
I think it is very irresponsible to get a wolf/dog , as this only encourage more people to breed them. There are going to be people getting this kind of dog and having no idea on how to train it or feed it. A wolf is nothing like a dog , wild animals do not like feel trapped or cornered . If you ever made the wolf /dog feel threaten it could attack you or a child. The wolf's instinct could click on at any time, this was why my boyfriend was bitten by the wolf/dog. It felt threaten and attack out of fear. My boyfriend was very lucky he was tall as the dog could had gone for his throat very easliy . There is no reason to breed a wolf with a dog when there are thousands of dogs needing a good home.
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