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Originally Posted by TanjaBelieve View Post
Im sorry Ive been away and couldnt answer. WOW thank you all so much for your answers. I have many experiences with dogs of all breeds and sizes (Dutch Smoushound, 2x German Shepherds, golden retriever labrador), so it wouldnt be my first dog. And I do kinda.. am good with dogs. I do not get scared of them, I am calm and I love spending time with them. I am very patient. Of course I dont want this dog just because the sound of owning something wild is exciting, but as someone said before, I wanna make one hybrids life easier. Im very interested in Dog W. and I use a lot of his techniques on our family dog, so I do have a patience to teach him and go out for long walks and everything. I will actually live alone once I move out and it will be just two of us.So, no cats around them? What if they grow up together? Does not count this for a hybrid? You know like normal dogs and cats that are like brothers. I love running and hiking and I will have everything to provide a wolf dog almost everything he will need (if I decide to adopt one). A big place to run around andeverything. I just want to give a dog that was unfortunate and is mixed with a wolf, to give him a home, away from shelter, where he doesnt get all the love he needs. I understand the difference between wolfs and dogs, but every dog or animal is a challenge.

Tanja, I'm sorry but in my books that barely makes you experienced enough to own a some what difficult dog breed, no where close a wolf or wolf hybrid. It sounds like your expectations are completely wrong for this animal. They do not want human attention, they do not need it, they do not want it. You would not be doing a wolf or wolf dog any favour by treating it like a pet dog (taking it for walks, giving it love and attention, taking it out in the public) 100% all things you should never do with a wolf or wolf dog and things that would likely freak them out. This would be torture for this creature, they are much happier with their own kind in a reserve on their own with lots of free space to roam freely but safely. Your intentions seem very selfish and while you think you would be bing kind to a wolf dog and that in turn would make it happy and love you in return, you are not taking into consideration at all what they actually want and need. You are making up a fairy tale image. What you're doing is not only very dangerous, you would be harming another living creature for your own satisfaction so that you can show it off to other people and try to make it fall in love with you. I know you're not seeing it that way and your heart is in a good place, but that counts for nothing when what you're actually planning is harmful and alien to that creature.

What you're saying is like a kid saying I want a Goldfish so it can sleep in my bed with me at night and I will love it and hug it and kiss it and take it out to the sand box with me and it will then love me in return and be my best friend.

That's what dogs are for. Rescue a dog from a shelter and he will be forever grateful that you saved him.
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