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Originally Posted by TanjaBelieve View Post
I would love to know what you know about wolf dogs. And if anyone has one or had I would love to know youre thoughts.
I when to Wolf Hollow Sanctuary in my state and asked the person that started the Sanctuary what he felt about Wolf/dog and he said it is a very dangerous breed to own as a pet as the wolf has a fear of man and when a wolf it bred with a dog the wolf part will be fearful of people and this could cause the Wolf/dog to attack a person . I had a boyfriend that was bitten by a Wolf/dog while we where out on a walk. We passed an older woman that had a strange looking dog on a 6 ft leash and the dog for no reason just leaped up and bite my boyfriend on his thigh! I was told by the guy at Wolf Hollow it was the wolf in the dog that attacked my boyfriend out of fear as it felt threaten . My boyfriend was 6'4" and this could had felt like a threat to wolf dog.
I think it no reason for any person to own just a breed and it not fair for the wolf to breed it with a dog , as this add to the 'Big Bad Wolf " image
if the hybrid does attack a person. We should stop messing with nature as we really have no idea what we're doing when we breed a wild animal with a
domestic animal. I would never have one around a child. And you really need to know how to train and understand animals to own a wolf/dog.
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