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Sasha and Montana

pbpatti and Sasha were very kind and had Montana and myself out to the trailer at the campsite for dinner and swimming yesterday!

This was Montana's first Nookie Monster free excursion, and his first swim lol. He LOVES the water!! He hasn't been away from Nookie since we got him 3 and half months ago, so I decided to take him with me to Patti's for a little mommy/puppy bonding. It was a little too warm for Nookie, and he can't be off-leash, so he stayed home with daddy. Montana was very freaked out at first, but once he saw Sasha, he quickly forgot he was supposed to be afraid, and headed straight to her
He did AWESOME off-leash!! I was so proud of him
I'm going to have to work on recall a bit, but I think he's going to do great. Here are a few pics from last evening:

Sasha was such a good host and showed him the ropes
He really surprised me with how fearless he was!
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