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Looking for advice, getting a 2nd dog

As I mentioned in my intro thread I currently have my first puppy (I've had older rescues but never adopted a younger dog before) and two cats. The cats keep themselves pretty separate from the puppy, he's a little over-excited and they prefer to stay in their safe zones until he's sleeping or outside.

I think he's pretty standard for a 10 month old dog, he runs and goes like the energizer bunny until he's worn out and then he crashes hard. We take him for walks, hiking, puppy play dates and are teaching him to get comfy in the pool right now so we keep him very active but I do find him very demanding at home, he's very much like a toddler in the sense that he wants my attention and playtime all the time.

My question is simply this...have you gone from having 1 young dog to having 2? If so, did you find it was better for the dogs because they have each other to play with or does it often end up being twice the work?

My puppy is a Beagle/Pug mixed male, 10 months old. There is currently a family offering an 11 month old Beagle/Pug mixed female, 11 months old - they can't keep her and live very close to me. Part of me feels like this is destiny and the other part thinks I may be biting off more than I can chew and I don't want to take this step unless I'm 100% sure.

Any experience, BTDT, stories or warnings would be much appreciated, I'm still pretty new to all of this!
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