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This is an older thread, but I'm going to tossthis in anyway.
I highly reccomend reading this book before you get your wolfdog.

The author adopted a high percentage wolfdog to be a companion/protector.
An electrified 12 foot fence could not contain it (it continually escaped and attacked neighboring livestock). All it took was for her to stop watching it for a few minutes, like having a shower or using the toilet, for it to dig up or disable the fence .
Hours (i think 2 or 3 a day) of running with her in the woods were inadaquate to tire it.
She was evicted multiple times because of its behavior and had immense trouble finding places to rent, especially places that would allow her to set up a giant enclosure.
Eventually she was forced to euthanized it (the wolfdog rescues were full and no regular shelters take hybrids) after it attacked her while she was making its food. Literally came into the kitchen and with no warning grabbed her by the arm and threw her accross the room, knocked down the pot of food from the stove and started to guard it.

This is nothing like dog behavior, and I don't think it's wise to judge how prepared you are to handle working with a wild animal based on the behavior of a domestic one. Even if they are related. You don't realize how much tractability is bred in to domesticated animals until you work with something wild that has absolutely no interest in capitulating to you.
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