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Thank you for your reply sugarcatmom. You are correct, she does have diabetes. Had an increase of water and peeing, had lost a fair amount of weight and was given a calorie control food (Medi-Cal by Royal Canin) The vet said that she would do better on this food but since then had lost a bit more weight -they then wanted to try a different food, one with higher protein, but now they say its a bad choice and do want to start her on insulin therapy twice a day. I found it a bit odd to be given calorie control food to help her gain weight - even the doctor wasn't sure, during my last visit, why nutritionist recommended it to me.

It just seems that they are pushing for insulin rather then a natural way (food diet). I'm all for it (insulin) if that is the route that I will have to go to help my girl.

I'm in Toronto, Canada and are unable to find online how much insulin costs, I know that it will vary depending on brand, but if anyone has an estimate about how much it may cost and I can compare it to what the vet may tell me.

Again thank you for any and all thoughts.

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