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well I'm feed up with a store bought premade raw(pets 4 life) My puppy refuses to eat it at all. I was making him food myself(mostly raw) than tried him on the convenient premade food. first couple of days he ate it begrudgingly than decided he wouldn't eat at all. I tried every flavor(protein) they have and no go. he would sniff it shake his head and back up away from his bowl. I tried making gravy and pouring on it I tried yogurt, he'd just like the gravy or yogurt off and walk away. so I gave up

back to making it myself. I buy chicken and turkey necks from my pet store I'm hoping to find cheaper somewhere else but for now at least I can get it in bulk. hey have an awesome raw green tripe. I just found a butcher that I can get beef and organs for $2/lb and they said they would ground me some chicken backs for the same price. they also told me they would ground wild meat I bring in. Hopefully my husband and my hunting and fishing can help with cost.
I got a feeling if I'm going to be doing the work that i will eventually end up feeding the cats raw too.

If anyone knows a good source in Ottawa for bulk and or wants to share a huge bulk meat order let me know. I will be happy to drive a couple of hours to save some money
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