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So sorry to hear Nookie had another seizure. I really know how you feel its terrible to go through. Theo's last one was April 9th, but since December 20th, till today, he has only had the two. (and they were back to back but I think he was conscious between the two so maybe was cluster, I don't know anymore) I hate wondering if and when there will be another. You had asked about seizure meds and I mentioned Potassium Bromide, did you have a chance to do some research on it or ask your vet about it? Not toxic like the pheno. I am glad the Valium worked and brought him out but sad he has had another one. Hope your sweet Nookie is feeling better this evening and you as well. Robyn, have you tried acupuncture with Nookie? I have heard some great success stories, I know that it might not stop them, but I do know that it can shorten the length of the seizures and how often he has them. {{{hugs}}}
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