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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
Thanks for the replys all

I'm bumping this thread in hopes that Serena may be lurking and will see it.
Nookie had another severe seizure at 3 am this morning. Technically, this one would be classified as Status. It lasted almost 10 minutes and was really odd compared to most of them he's had. The valium did pull him out of it, thank God . The last one was a cluster, but this one, he had 2 back to back with no period of conciousness between them. Dr. Marsden is out of town for 2 weeks and I'm very worried about our sweet boy. Each one seems to be getting much worse and lasting longer. And the fact that they have shifted from daytime to the middle of the night really has me freaked out. Sorry for going on, I'm just so worried about the monster
Pleases do not worry about asking for support , I would be very worried if my dog had seizures . I am sad to hear your dog had another one , does your vet have a vet covering for him /her? I would call the vet up and see if they left a number on their voice mail to call if your pet has an emergency.
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