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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post

I'm not up on bloat and Vit. C but the study above from Purdue should help. Very interesting to read that a raised food bowl contributes to increased incidence of bloat. I know I've read that some owners think a raised food bowl is good but I don't know why they think that.

I'm so sorry you lost your GSD to bloat. We, thankfully, have had only second hand experience when friends lost dogs. It's pretty awful.
Oh great! I use a raised food and water bowl. I read a while back on a different forum that a raised food bowl was good for larger breeds.

I will immediately remove the raised bowl. Also according to that, VitC does contibute to bloat.

Edit: And according to that, a dry food containing meat meal with bone in the first four ingredients significantlly lowered bloat. Which neither the BB or Canidae have.

But then I read articles like this that say not to feed your pet "meat and bone meal".

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