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Hubby is reckless around the bee's sometimes. I'm the one who has to watch him. He'll wander over and open up the top of the hive just to take a peek, or pick up the hive box with no gloves on and there's bee's all over the box so he gets stung in the hand. He just doesn't think about it. Fortunately he's not deathly allergic, but he swells up pretty good and it stays that way for days, so I insist he suits up no matter what he's up to. But he works away in his garden every day with bee's all over the place, which really is just proof that honeybee's are very gentle, docile creatures. We're not so fond of wasps though! Our old dog Shadow was hugely allergic to the bee's also, we had to put her in the house when we did bee work, and I would never leave her outside alone in the summer in case the hives swarmed and the bee's landed near her as she would go after them.
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