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Originally Posted by HutchOven View Post
Hi first post here. I'm looking for help on whether or not I should change my dog food. Right now my GSD is getting Blue buffalo adult chicken along with GNC hi and joint, and multivitamin supplements. I found a local Vet supply shop that sells Canidae and i've read it could be better.

I am mainly looking to switch to a poultry free food and I think the closest BB gets to that is there fish flavor which still has chicken fat in it. Is it worth the extra work to switch to the Canidae food? If so can someone recommend me to a flavor I should get?

Also, with all this grain free stuff there is out there now, is this only for dogs with allergies or is grain free just a better idea all around?
Actually, grain free is better all around also for humans (contrary to the food pyramid supported by ... grain growers associations, lol) we are not, historically speaking, made to digest grains. Though we have evolved since Mr & Mrs Caveman, our genes and bodies are still the same and our digestive tracts with them.

I doubt whether wild dogs of any kind eat grains at all. Sure, they go for the stomach content in their herbivore prey, but even that is mostly lichen, grass and other straight vegetables rather than grains.

Grains are, however, cheap fillers (pet and human foods alike) and governments subsidize the farmers who in turn pay to stay on the list of "subsidizees" as well as the lab "proof" grains are good for us all.

Personally I keep my grain-based food intake to once, max twice a week. It's just not worth it health wise to have more.
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