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Two little chihuahuas... one gigantic problem...

I'm the owner of two Chihuahuas... one of them is 8 years old and he's a Tea Cup... the other one is a regular size Chihuahua and I have a common problem with them. The older one Whitty is aggressive which I can control but he pee everywhere even on hs crate...he drives me nuts he just pee for no particular reason. I know he's gone through a bunch of changes in his ife, he went from being a "Paris Hilton"(spoiled) dog to a very badly treated dog and my mom rescued him and shipped him to me, where I tried to give him the spoiled live he was so ued to but couldn't because he was so aggresive, I have worked with him for a few years and he's come a long way... bt he refusesto stop peeing in the house and hs bed... The other dog, Dobby, hhe also pee in the house, he gets up in the furniture and pee, up in the bed and he pee, he gets on my pillows and pee... at one time he was laying in bed with me and he did it on me too. I'm really desperate at this point because I'm living with my friends and they are doing it everywhere...

Any suggestions... PLEASE!!!
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