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So sorry your cat is missing. I don't know if someone would take her all the way there but I would call anyways. Did she have a collar on? I'd call the shelter and even go there to see if she is there at this time of year, there are so many animals abandoned with moving day fast approaching the shelter is loaded and probably more then one cat like yours, you'd be the only one really able to identify her. Also, call all the vets in the area, someone might have called a vet rather then a shelter. (If she fell she might be hurt?) Take a poster with the picture of your baby and bring it to your local post office. They will deliver the posters with the regular mail. (for a small fee), offer a reward, people are motivated when money is involved. DON'T GIVE UP. If she that afraid, she might be very close and afraid to come when you call. Is your balcony high off the ground? Could she have hurt herself? If so, she might be close by and hiding. If your in an apartment building, put her picture up with the info in mail boxes of the surrounding buildings, ask some kids in your building to look for her, and offer them a few dollars, kids go everywhere and see everything. Spread the word. I hope you find her soon.
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