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Originally Posted by doubletees View Post
Thank you all for such kindness.

Unfortunately nothing has improved for my dog Max, the tumor is still there, and seems to be larger. While it does not seem to affect him or his eating habits or drinking, this is not improving at all despite weeks of antibiotics.
he is also becoming rail thin even though he eats and drinks normally.

I am in such a turnmoil, seeing him with that growth, so thin and he has also been struggling to walk. He slips a lot at home, has a hard time keeping his balance and in the yard he walks with a hard time, like each step is a struggle his head goes up and down when he walks. yet he still wags his tail when he sees me and he still follows me around from room to room.

During the last month , he has also had 3 seizures. They seem to come on by stress because they all happened in times I had to leave him and when I would come home he was not himself and would have a seizure. I stopped leaving him. The vet said it could be anxiety induced or there could be a brain tumor or cancer growing in him.

people tell me you just know when its time and a part of me knows he has more then I can see happening in him but I am struggling with this. the pain of losing him is unbearable and since he still eats and drinks ok is it too soon? Am I just delaying the inevitable?
I am so torn up about this. the last thing I want is for him to suffer. I have made him very comfortable these last few weeks and made sure he feels good and comforted. People tell me dogs are usually lifeless when the time comes and dont move eat or drink. Mine still does despite the mountain of ailments i mentioned.
I just want to do the right thing. I just wish I knew what to do.
It when through this with my dog when he had cancer. Finlay was not able to eat and was peeing blood but he would have his good days and this made it very difficult to to know what was best for him. I knew he could not go without food for long and that the cancer may have spread to his brain as he started to act difference . When he started to have trouble walking and needing to go out to pee a lot , I knew it was time to have my beloved friend go be with my beloved mother. This was so painful for me and over a year later it is still very painful to talk about. I am so sorry your beloved friend is ill , I know some people let nature take is course , it's so hard to tell
you what is best for your heart and your dog. I feel your pain and something doing the right thing does not always feel like the right thing.
People told me I did the right thing with my dog ,but it did not feel that way in my heart. It did in mind but not in my heart, still hurt.
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