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Doubletees, you are at a very hard time in your relationship with your pup. I know, as do many of the others here, how hard the decision you have to make is. Last October I had to make the decision to put my 14 year old Akita X Shadow to sleep. She had severe arthritis and the meds were not helping her alot anymore. She stumbled alot, she struggled to get up off the floor, she couldn't get into the car by herself and she lost control of her bowels. All of these I could deal with, but had to ask myself if it was fair for her to have to deal with it. Her body was not functioning properly anymore, and like you, I promised her all her life that I would not let her suffer. I think the hardest thing was having to pick a day and say, okay this is the day I will put her to sleep. It was the worst decision. If she had just died in her sleep I wouldn't have had to make that decision. But ultimately, even though she still was a happy girl, I made the appointment to have her pts. It was the right thing for her. Definitely not for me. I still cry over her loss, she was my soul dog. I'm not sure that I can say I knew for sure this was the time to do it, but I knew in my heart that keeping her longer was for my sake and not for hers. She passed to the bridge in my arms and with my son there with us. She went knowing how well loved she was. She's pain free now and happy and whole again. I know I'll see her again. The choice is never easy, but make the decision with your head and your heart. Stay strong and know we are here for you.
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