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Lost cat in Pointe-Claire - Cat FOUND!

Hello everyone.. I have an adorable Siamese who fell off our balcony last Thursday and has disappeared ever since. We have done everything.. we search around the area every evening, we walk around calling her name and shaking her snacks.. we posted pictures of her on several streets. I don't know what else to do, this is the first time I've lost a pet. She is the heart of our family and our home doesn't feel right without her.
I was searching for shelters today and fell upon this site so I thought it wouldn't hurt to post here and hopefully get help. I also couldn't find any shelters in Pointe-Claire and the SPCA is in Jean Talon... do you think someone would take her all the way there?
If any of you have any information that would help me find my cat, please share. I just can't stand not knowing where she is and what has happened to her... this is her first time outside of the house. She is terrified of stepping foot outside! Please help.
I have attached pictures of her
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