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Addiction Salmon Bleu is also a good food, for kibble anyway! Here is a link to the website.

They don't use any ingredients sourced from China and are an Australian based company with a plant in the U.S. (so they have their own dedicated manufacturing plant). I won't use any food made in a Diamond plant which includes Taste of the Wild, Canidae, Natural Balance etc.

The Honest Kitchen is also a great food, but it isn't a kibble, it's a dehydrated food. Both of my boys are on this. It's not only human grade, but "fit for human consumption". It's the only dog food that's FDA approved. It's made in their own dedicated facilty and use no ingredients from China either. Zeal is the fish formula. I use that for one of mine and the other gets the "Preference" which is a dehydrated fruit/veggie mix. You just add your own meat (cooked or raw). They also have both grain and grain free formulas. The grains they use are "good" grains such as oats and barley, so no corn, wheat or soy.

Orijen and Acana are both very good foods, if your pup can handle the protein. A lot of dogs can't. Acana isn't as high in protein, so that many be a good place to start and they have a good fish formula.
Good luck!
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