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Taste of the the Wild has recently had widespread recalls due to Salmonella poisoning. The illness has been in the humans that handle the food but investigation is ongoing to see if many sick dogs have also suffered. The Pacific Stream formula, which I was feeding, is not one of the recalled flavours but many folks wonder when it will be. As the story on the salmonella problem grew more and more formulas were added to the list. Diamond, the parent company, also manufactures several other brands in some of it's plants and those other brands also have formulas on the recall list.

FWIW you would be going from a food with grain to a grain free food. Some dogs will have trouble with that switch, mine didn't. I actually rotate and can switch between any of my foods, two with grain, one grain free, cold turkey.

If the Purina One is otherwise OK for your pup I suggest you use the protein, fat and Kcal/cup numbers as a guide to what to look for in your new food. I find the TOTW is lower in Kcal/cup than my other two foods and I have to feed more of it to keep weight on my dog. With all three of my foods I do supplement with EFA, which does help with coat.

For my dog I think I will not use TOTW in future and am searching for a fish based alternative. It was fine but, all those recalls. I knew about previous ones when I started on the TOTW but figured the company had smartened up. Seems not.

ETA: Make sure you check this recall out carefully. I knew the list of brands in the link above was incomplete because I remember Canidae was an alternative food I was considering and danged if some Canidae food isn't also on the list. Here is another link: And another:
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