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I just invested in a thunder shirt/ vest. It's
100% guaranteed against separation anxiety,
Stress, aggression. It's only been 4 days that
I have been using it but noticed remarkable
Improvement. Shiloh would tear the floor
apart in his cage and start taking his bars off.
I've been through 3 floors, lampes, carpets, furniture, he freaks out at
Loud noises, thunder, car stereos, even if
We drop dishes. Since he's been using the vest,
He's quite calm and pays no attention to the noise,
the vest is expandable, so it breathes with the dog. It's not very hot,
but i would not recommend exercising the dog with it on, unless it's winter.
I was told to keep doing what I've been doing when
In his crate which is leave the TV on, don't
Make a fuss, and it's working. The vest acts
Like a tight blanket around a crying fussy baby.
I highly recommend them!

I have posted a couple pics to show you what it looks like, it's very comfortable, and Shiloh is getting use to it, he doesn't fight with me, when I put it on.
He has an xl because at 7 months old, he already weighs 65 lbs, and the vest
is for 60 - 100 lbs dogs.
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