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Originally Posted by ydono View Post
Reason for this post? I'd love to hear from anyone who has had experience (2-5yrs of use with your cat who has kidney issues) with a non-prescription wet cat food, that actually has protein and not carbs. If you could give me your feedback for the following questions:

- Has it worked well (meaning - have the BUM and creatine (sp?) levels stopped increasing and the cat is happy, active, eating and not loosing muscle)?

- What were your cat's numbers before you started, how long has it been, and what are the numbers now? (ya know - approximates)

- What is the brand name, flavor, etc., and what the phosphorous and sodium levels?

- Did you give extra supplements of any kind such as Vitamin B or Renafood?

Thanks so much to anyone who responds to this. Sorry for starting a new thread but I tend to get too confused and loose track of important information as I'm reading through really long threads (even the summary one for me got to be too long)
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Early Stage Kidney Failure in Cat
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