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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
A member just lost her cat that was on a leash . I would not walk a cat on a leash where I live , we have too many hawks flying around hunting for small animals. And it could get attack by a dog . I think cats are a lot more unpredictable than cats and just do not feel safe about walking one a leash.
I have a neighbor that has a outside cat and she was walking her cat on a leash one day and the cat hated it. The cat looked very nervous as he was not able to run if he needed to. I am glad you adopted the cat and Hi !
That's a very important point actually.
Sometimes I walk one of mine but I only do it in the backyard and/or areas you know they're safe (or relatively safe) from predators and dogs. I'm surrounded by parks in front and to the left, the one to the left has almost no dogs and we don't have to cross the street so we go there. Also you have to be VERY aware of your surroundings in case someone's coming walking their dog to move away or pick up your cat and get out of their sight because you never know if it's a cat friendly doggy or not or how your cat will react.

Thank you for adopting this cutie.
I'll leave you 2 links to videos I found of cats trained with clickers and treats
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