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Thanks for the excellent reply Sugarcatmom!

Shadow, a black, short haired domestic male is 7 and a half and Ranger, a tabby coloured short haired domestic femaile is just over 4!

I appreciate the quick and educated/experience response. Shadow had some serious issues a couple of years ago with a pancreatitis problem and a short bout with diabetes until we got on board with his nutrition. It had been a while since I saw a decrease in weight (Shadow is 14lbs from 20 and Ranger is still around 11-12lbs) on thier "Hills R/D" prescription diet so I did a little research.

I read a wonderful book (not quite done it yet) by Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, titled "Your Cat". I think I am learning more from that book than anything I have ever read on cats and am so enlightened! They now only eat wet food and are currently enjoying "Before Grains" Turkey or Chicken.

As my wife says, "Our cats are our babies" since we have no children of our own (yet?) so the better we can treat them, the happier I, and they, will be!

Once again, thanks for the help and thanks for the welcome! You guys seem to have an excellent little community going here!
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