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Originally Posted by wilddoggie View Post
Hello Guys! I am new to the boards! My name is Fran! Well I adopted a new little stray kitten, and ever sience I have gotten into dog training. I thought training cats might be pretty similar, but of course harder! When I first got my dog I socialised him alot... all types of people, places, animals, objects, sounds, noise, pavements and ect. Does the same thing goes for cats? Months ago I have seen a women taking her cat to the vet on a leash, this cat walked calmly with her on a street where there where plenty of noise. Is it possible to train my new kitten to go around with me on leash, in diffrent enviroments (of course allways safe ones) without her getting scared? How can I do it? Thanks guys!

A member just lost her cat that was on a leash . I would not walk a cat on a leash where I live , we have too many hawks flying around hunting for small animals. And it could get attack by a dog . I think cats are a lot more unpredictable than cats and just do not feel safe about walking one a leash.
I have a neighbor that has a outside cat and she was walking her cat on a leash one day and the cat hated it. The cat looked very nervous as he was not able to run if he needed to. I am glad you adopted the cat and Hi !
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