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Originally Posted by wilddoggie View Post
Hello Guys! I am new to the boards! My name is Fran!
Hi Fran!

Originally Posted by wilddoggie View Post
I thought training cats might be pretty similar, but of course harder!
Some cats (especially treat motivated ones) actually take quite well to clicker training. Not sure if you do that with your dog at all, but it might be worth giving it a try with your kitty.

Originally Posted by wilddoggie View Post
When I first got my dog I socialised him alot... all types of people, places, animals, objects, sounds, noise, pavements and ect. Does the same thing goes for cats?
Absolutely! In fact, there is a growing trend called Kitty Kindergarten, where people take their youngsters to group "classes" for socialization, basic training, and to get them used to a variety of situations.

If you don't have access to one of these classes, you can certainly do your own socializing by inviting friends over to play with your girl, taking her on car rides (in a carrier), getting her comfortable being on a harness (I prefer "walking jackets" which tend to be more secure), etc. How old is she?

Originally Posted by wilddoggie View Post
How can I do it?
Some info on leash-training cats:

And here is one last comprehensive article on general cat care that you might be interested in: (the only part I don't agree with is the section on food - I think balanced raw diets provide the ultimate in species-appropriate nutrition:
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