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Originally Posted by Chernoble View Post
Hi All! I am new to the forum
Welcome, Chernoble!!

Originally Posted by Chernoble View Post
I have just switched both my cats to an all wet diet (Before Grain, by Merrick) from a dry and wet diet of Hills Prescription
Fantastic! You won't regret it.

Originally Posted by Chernoble View Post
They are acting normal, playful and happy so I am not that worried but was wondering if this is normal.
It may indeed be normal for them. There's much less filler and unnecessary fibre in a good quality wet food as opposed to the crappy prescription products, so it would make sense that stool volume (and therefore, frequency) might go down. As long as they're otherwise doing great and the poop itself is fine (not too dry/hard/small etc), I would say it's okay. Every couple days isn't anything to worry about, but if it starts to stretch out to 3 or more days, you might need to reconsider. You could try offering a few different brands of food for some variety (some cats get bored of eating the same canned all the time) but I think it's great that you made the switch to better food. How old are your kitties, by the way?
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