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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
I feel you really should to go to a class and watch the trainer before paying $200 to them.

and at least with a place like Petsmart that's super easy. Heck you could actually come out and watch an entire course, and talk to the people after class before committing. You could go to a few different stores and watch a few of their trainers in action.

What could be misleading about watching a class, and watching the dog's reaction (since this was brought up) is that without the experience and knowledge of what you're looking for (which if you had you wouldn't need the classes) it's easy to be misguided. I say that because I have seen trainers with some very charismatic personalities give absolutely horrendous advice, while the dogs are acting like all is fine, and while the people in the class are so mesmerized they think Jesus himself is teaching. (e.g.. Cesar, and while you can say but in this case the dogs don't look fine, the people with not enough ability to read the dogs don't see it, or if they think they do, the charismatic trainer can explain away their worries) Has nothing to do with energy or intentions. Most trainers who give horrible advice do honestly think they are helping, very few get up in the morning and think to themselves how can I screw up another dog today.
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