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Issues with sensitive stomach/digestive system

I'm trying to make a long story short here... I've been stuggling to find a food that will help with Charlie's soft stool. We've tried kibbles: Evo Chicken & Turkey (and Weight Managment), Now Grain Free Adult. We've also tried raw: Nature's Variety Instinct Raw (Chicken, Beef, Venison). I do feed some pumpkin at supper time. He seems to do fine for a few weeks and then it starts again.

Last week, he had a very bad week and I spoke to our vet on the phone Friday afternoon. She suspects colitis or IBD but we haven't done any testing yet. She prescribed MediCal Gastro High Energy to stabilize him and recommended that this be his permanent diet. Personally, I don't like the ingredients in that food but if it works, I will give it a try.

The MediCal Gastro food is very expensive ($50 for 4kg/8.8 lbs). I'm looking for an alternative once his situation has stabilized. Is anyone aware of a food made especially for dogs with gastro issues/sensitive stomachs? At this point, I don't care if it's grain free or not, as long as it works and that Charlie can feel good permanently...

Thanks in advance
Charlie, American Cocker Spaniel (06-26-2009)
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