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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
If you can put his litterbox and/or a worn but unwashed t shirt or pair of smelly shoes of yours out on the deck this may help lead him home

Go around the neighbourhood at dusk/dawn calling him, rattling a treat container or tap a spoon on his dish or tin of food. Bring a flashlight to pick up the shine off his eyes from under cars/decks/bushes or up trees.

If you can poster the neighbourhood, plus leave one w/ local businesses, schools, pet supply stores, grocery stores, bus stops, vets & all animal shelters in the area that will help garner attention that this kitty has a home who wants him back

Please visit the animal shelters in person often times the shelters are understaffed/over worked with so many animals/requests etc they may not have the time to personally look into each phone call or an emergency/something comes up in the meantime & the request gets overlooked.

Going in person means you can visit & identify the cat right away, if an animal comes in terrified it may act out of character & be labeled as sick or a feral and not be placed with the general population please ask to see these areas as well.

Good luck &
Thank you so much everyone for your advice. We received a call from the doorman of the building that a grey cat had been hit by a car and he found it. Unfortunately as it was Berger Blanc who put the cat to sleep, we have no way of knowing if it was our Byron. It seems likely as he was near the building, but I have no idea if I should keep looking or not.

Both hubby and I are in pieces and desperately needing some closure, but Berger Blanc can not even tell us if the cat was male or not.
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