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Originally Posted by Choochi View Post
All Petsmart classes and instructors are not equal. I've watched some that I thought were rather good and some that were down right nauseating to watch and made me want to yell to the people in the class RUN!! As such, I can't tell you either way if your local Petsmart classes are worth attending or should be avoided. I think you would be much better of looking for a trainer who teaches classes and also competes in some sort of dog sport or competitive obedience WITH GOOD RESULTS!! The fact they compete is a good sign they can be of real help, but if they're horrible at it, what are they really teaching you?
Yeah , that is what I was saying , it's really hard to to past off all Petsmart classes as being bad , I know some people have good luck going to Petco for
training classes, it really depend on who is the trainer and I if my dog does not like a trainer I will not bring him to them. Some people likes the trainer that used the choke collar , so I find it hard to ask dogs owners if they know a good trainer. I feel you really should to go to a class and watch the trainer before paying $200 to them. I am glad I did. I think is great the OP is bringing their dog to a training class. I see so many dogs owners being walked around the park by their dogs. The dogs have their owners very well trained.
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