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Originally Posted by EL17 View Post
I have a female Akita that is 10 years old and we found out recently she has diabetes. She is 115 pounds.
Hi EL17! Sorry to hear about the diabetes diagnosis (been there: my cat has had diabetes for over 9 years). The good thing is, this is NOT a death sentence, and any vet that thinks it is is not worth going to. So good for you for wanting to find another one.

Originally Posted by EL17 View Post
and they don't carry the human insulin that my dog would require because of her size.
Well that's ridiculous, because any "human" insulin can be purchased from any regular pharmacy - you don't even need a prescription in Canada. Your vet should know that and should have been able to point you in the right direction.

Originally Posted by EL17 View Post
I reside in the Markham/Richmond Hill area, so anywhere near there is good..Toronto is too far for us.
Can't help you with vet recommendations, but perhaps there are people at these links that might have more info:

Originally Posted by EL17 View Post
Also, anyone with a diabetic dog who has some words of wisdom would be great. I am very scared/nervous/anxious/overwhelmed right now with the whole thing!
I totally understand how scary and overwhelming this can be! I can also assure you that it DOES get better. There's a rather steep learning curve in the beginning, but eventually it will all come together and become second nature to you. I encourage you to read all you can about this condition and how to treat it - don't rely exclusively on any one vet for all your info. Diabetes is ultimately a home-managed disease, one that you and your dog live with daily, while the vet only sees you a few times a year. Don't get me wrong, working closely with a good vet is essential! It's just that it's ultimately your responsibility to make the best decisions you can for your pet, and the best way to do that is learn learn learn!

Couple more sites you should bookmark and refer to frequently:

You can also read a little bit about my cat, Aztec, here.

All the best to you! I had an Akita/Rottie cross when I was a kid and he was the most awesome dog.
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