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Originally Posted by Choochi View Post
Teach them a place command. Set up a bed big enough for both of them and teach them that every time some one comes to the door they are to run to their place and sit there quietly, for which they get treats.

Barking at a perceived intruder is normal, barking obsessively can be a learned behaviour.

Why are you against collars but ok with a device on a wall that works based on the exact same principal as a bark collar except that it is on a wall where it is actually less effective?
Did you try the kind you use on the wall? I know there are collars that spray when a dog bark. My Standard Poodle when to an indoor play group when the weather too bad and he would bark a lot. He had a spray collar put on him and he stopped barking as soon as he got sprayed in the face. This does not work will all dogs. A boxer kept barking when he got sprayed , he did not seem to realize why he was getting sprayed. I suggested the device you use on the wall as I was thinking it would cost less than buy two collars.
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