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Originally Posted by Kasianni View Post
I am moving in a few weeks, from a house, into a condo. I have two Dachshunds, and they do bark....a lot! I am looking for ways to help with the barking. I am tired of yelling "stop barking!" at them. Someone suggested having a newspaper handy and swatting their butts, however, I have never raised a hand to these pups nor shall they every know what it is to be swatted with a hand or anything else. I have a spray bottle with water in it which I use when they bark, it works but one of them is getting use to it and does not mind the water. I know its normal for dogs to bark, and here at the house, I don't mind a bit but when I move I am sure no one wants to hear them that often. They mainly bark when someone is at the door, which most dogs too. I just need help in training them not to bark if someone is at the door. I think they feel they need to protect me. Please don't suggest those terrible collars that spray something into their faces, not an option. Any suggestions?
you can buy a stop barking device that you put on a wall . It will give off a sound when your dogs bark.
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