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Originally Posted by ownedbycats View Post
The fish I used to cycle my tank are called Harlequin Rasboras (R. heteromorpha). They were very tiny when I got them and their colors hadn't come in yet, so they were mostly silver, black and big eyes.
I was changing almost 10 gallons of water every day to keep levels well below the dangerous range. If you aren't prepared to do a lot of work to keep your fish healthy, this is not the best way to start a tank. I knew from researching what I was getting into, and chose month when I would have the spare time to do this. I gave up lurking on this site so I would have time, and am only posting now that my tank is cycled and my water changes are down to once or twice a week.
When I had goldfish I never change the water everyday and my fish lived for 8 years.
I was also told to not change all the water in the tank as it was not good for the fish.

your fish are beautiful! Has your cat gone after them yet?
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