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Originally Posted by kandy View Post
It's xylitol that is toxic to dogs. Aspartame is normally the artifical sweetener you find in food products, where xylitol is normally found in sugar free gum. But I think the poster was talking about fruit juice with no sugar added rather than using an artificially sweetened product.
Kandy, xylitol might be found in anything that is artificially sweetened. Yogurt is one to watch out for. It is in Rescue Remedy candies too. Just so you know.

hotdok, I hope your dog is going to be OK. Sounds awful. Is that like trigeminal neuralgia that people get? I know a lady with it. She didn't have any paralysis but I suppose it is different in different folks. She was in terrible pain, I hope your dog is not.

ETA: Oh my gosh, this is a really old thread. hotdok, perhaps you should start your own thread to get the answers you need. Good luck.
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