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Originally Posted by Nevicar View Post
From what I have heard the kittens were born in a shoebox in the ladies apartment, not outside, so they have been indoor cats the entire time. I don't think they have been treated for worms yet though, but again that would be the first thing I did on Monday.

What I've been considering is just going to ice the kitten up Monday and taking it straight to the vet and getting all the required shots and whatever else it may need. Is that the best approach? Would that ensure that my older cat Sierra stays healthy?
What does ice the kitten up means? I can only picture the poor kitten sitting on ice cubes! I think you should ask the vet if they think the kitten is a health risk to your older cat. I think as long as the kitten is healthy and you keep it updated with it shots and it should not be a risk to older cat. I know of people that keep at least one kitten from their cat litter and the mother is fine and never get sick from the kitten.
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