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Originally Posted by 067734m View Post
Thanks for the interesting contributions!

Comfort: I don't think it's about comfort, as our dog doesn't spend much time 'fluffing up' his bed.

Peeing: It's definitely NOT a peeing thing. Our guy rarely (if ever) has accidents in the house and is very particular on when/where he does his business outside.

Pushing: My husband said that one day he saw him in the spare bathroom nosing around the bath mats. However, he's not *pushing* the carpets, not edging them along - It's a very dramatic sweep of his head, resulting in a rub on the *top* of his nose.

I don't get it! I guess I could try giving him an old spare blanket, or piece of carpet, but he would still be getting a rub on the top of his nose! I guess I'll just chalk it up to a personality quirk and hope this is the extent of it!
My poodle mix does that use made very dramatic sweep of his head when trying to made the blanket fluffed up. I don't think this is a lab thing . My Standard Poodle did this too.
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