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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
I am wondering how did you come about getting the dog in the first place? When I got my hearing dog I was told if a dog did not pass the test to be a service dog it was given up for adopted to be a pet. Did your puppy fail his test to be a police dog?
Thank you Marko for sending me those two sites. I started right away with quiet time with Shiloh, he was crated while we were home for 6 hours, and although it broke my heart, he had to understand just who paid the bills ( sort of speak ) I am making him sit for his water and his food in the morning, he is not to move until I give him the command, same with going out and in the house. As he gets older, I'm sure it he become second hand for both of us. So once again, I appreciate you taking the time for me. Kind hearts are a dying art.
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