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Originally Posted by kswanton View Post
Our pet Pedro got out June 8th, at about 8:30pm.
He was last seen in the Quaker Village Dr. area in Uxbridge.

Please contact Kyle at 416-991-2411 or Jen at 647-281-2702
Reward: $200

My daughter was at her daughter's soccer game and my daughter saw a real pretty blue bird sitting on the fence and she was thinking it was a strange looking wild bird. It was a parakeet and my daughter was able to pick up the bird and put it in a box . It made a long story short , the owner of the bird was found. So maybe you should put signs up near parks and fields too and if you have a lot of birders where you live I would try to put something in the bird watchers section of the daily newspapers and on the bird watchers web site. I hope you'll find your bird.
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