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Originally Posted by Trudel-25 View Post
Black and White Siberian Husky - Female - Her name is Ellie - Only 1 year old - NOT spayed - missing from Kanata (Beaverbrook area) since June 5th late evening - very timid - VERY fast - friendly - playful - very happy - distinct facial features (white eyebrows) - please contact Dan or Melissa if you have ANY information - phone number: 613-435-5787
you should check out Ebay to made sure your dog has not been stolen and put up for sale. The polices warned dogs owners where I live to be careful about leaving our dogs in the car or alone outside as there been a lot dogs getting stolen and then put up for sale . You should post flyers all around where you live ant towns nears If you have a facebook account post this there too. I hope you'll find your dog real soon.
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