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Oh, I'm sorry, guys! I guess I should have explained myself better. I know the kitten doesn't actually see the baby as prey, I was just joking. And the kitten is very gentle with my son when I am watching them together. He hasn't been rough with him at all, but I always watch them just in case. The baby is actually the one who is more dangerous, he does grab for the kitten so I have to watch him closely. And also, he hasn't ever jumped on the babies face! Only mine. I guess I sounded irresponsible to you all and should have said what I meant a little clearer.

Anyways, I called my friend who is a vet tech and she told me to try the bitter cherry spray. I put some on my hands and after biting a couple times he stopped entirely. He is still working on it but he is much more gentle. I've also started putting him on the floor and walking away when he plays too rough and I think it is helping, it's too soon to tell. He still doesn't play with any toys so we will work on that. And my face is still under attack so I have to watch out for that lol! But thank you all for your advice. I'm sorry if I sounded like an irresponsible kitten owner, I should have read over what I typed!
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